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Couples desiring to be married in the church, and/or by the pastor of the church, are making a commitment to a Christian marriage.  At least one of the couple must be Christian, and both ready and willing to enter into a Christian marriage.  A Christian marriage recognizes the unity between a husband and wife as a gift from God.  Together they seek to strengthen that unity in a lifelong commitment to faithful love and service to each other. 

Please contact the church office at least six months before the preferred date for the wedding.  (Shorter time frames may be permitted, depending on the availability of the pastor.)  It is wise to make sure the date is available before, or at the same time, as booking the reception location. 


The couple will meet with the pastor a minimum of 4-6 times before the wedding.  These 60-90 minute sessions allow for the pastor to get to know the couple, and ensure they have discussed their relationship and future together.  Planning for the wedding worship service will also be done during these meetings. 


If you wish to inquire about your wedding being held at Faith or Rock Creek Lutheran Churches, or for the pastor to officiate at your wedding at another location, please contact the pastor.

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