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Youth Ministry


We are an active group of middle and high school students who enjoy helping others and learning about how we can serve God through serving our community both here and afar.

A new 8th-12th grade youth group has been born at Faith and Rock Creek!

So what better way to celebrate then with birthday cake?! Those who gathered for our first meeting are pictured above. As we enjoyed cake and ice cream we  did some brainstorming to come up with a name (because when something new is born you have to give it name!)...we created an acronym for YOUTH:






The word "Group" reminds us that we GROw UP together in our faith as part of Youth Group! Finally, with a lot of excitement and energy, we started making plans to represent Faith and Rock Creek at a 2024 YouthWorks Mission Trip with our sights set on Niagara Falls, NY July 14-21. More details will be shared soon. Youth who cannot commit to the mission trip should still plan to become involved in youth group as we will also be doing many local things together. All 8th-12th graders are welcome! Invite a friend! The Spirit is surely on the loose with our young people as they enjoy being the church together!

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